Bowls By Charlie
While the advent of plastic bowls and steel spoons has lessened the need for professional turners, if you are longing for the warmth of wood over plastic and many metals you have come to the right place.  Charlie joined the recent great renaissance in the joy of wood turning, which at the beginning of the twentieth century was a sought after craft and was taught in many of our schools.  Today, wood turning has become Charlie's hobby of choice.
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Visiting Pine Arizona anytime soon?
Stop by Myra's Gallery to see select turned Bowls by Charlie.

3773 N. Highway 87
Pine, AZ 85544

Bowls For Sale
Each one of our bowls is a one of a kind item.  If you are interested in purchasing a bowl, please indicate the bowl number(s) when contacting us.  If that bowl(s) is no longer available, it is possible I have a similar one or can turn a similar custom made one just for you.

Natural Edge
Traditional Bowls
 Decorative & Serving Bowls.


Traditional Salad & Serving Bowls.

Traditional with
Turquoise Inlay
Mesquite & Turquoise
 Decorative / Salad & Serving Bowls.

Traditional with
Exotic Inlay
Ash & Red Coral
 Decorative / Salad & Serving Bowls.


John Muir
"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."